Patricio Reich's passion for wine began when he served as partner and director of Viña San Pedro in Chile. During his time at San Pedro, he transformed the winery, changing their focus from mass-production to high quality wines.

Patricio has a degree in civil engineering from Universidad de Chile and an MBA from the University of Chicago. He worked for the World Bank in Washington, DC and has also spent time in the transport, industry, and retail sectors.

With a multisectored vision and extensive experience in the commercial marketplace, Reich anticipates that Argentina will soon follow in the steps of the succesful Chilean export model.



Patricio Reich Jr. has a degree in commercial engineering from the Adolfo Ibanez University in Chile and a Masters degree in Finance from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

From 2003 until 2006 Paricio worked for Santander Bank where he spent time in their treasury department in Chile and also in New York City where he developed custom-made financial solutions for corporate clients.

Currently he is in charge of Marketing and Sales for Bodega Renacer.

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Cristian graduated as an Industrial Engineer from Pontificia Universidad Catolica, Chile, in 2011 with highest distinction.

In 2009, he studied at New South Wales University in Sydney, Australia. This life experience in Sydney had an impact on Cristian, who decided to go back there after getting his degree. In 2012 he returned to Australia, where he worked as a Project Manager for an anti corrosion engineering company. More specifically, he led projects which had the objective of repairing cruise and battle ships from the Australian Army.

In 2013, Cristian Reich joined Renacer as the Production leader, and from 2014 he has been the Operations Manager.

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