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Renacer’s vineyards are located in Perdriel, a unique zone in Mendoza, Argentina where the soil, altitude, climate, and water come together to create the perfect growing environment for Malbec. Renacer has over 40 planted hectares of Malbec (half of which are more than 90 years old).

In addition to our own vineyards, Renacer works with and buys grapes from local producers to take advantage of the different terroirs found in Mendoza, such as the Uco Valley (poor soils) and Luján de Cuyo (intermediate soils).

Our grapes come from 2 distinct areas with unique characteristics, thus extracting the very best of each terroir.

The vineyards are irrigated with water from the melted Andean snows. This pure water transforms Mendoza into an oasis which, in conjunction with the drip irrigation system that carefully measures the water given to the vines, help create small, high quality viniferous grapes.


Through trial and error and over hundreds of years, French winemakers have recognized that certain specific areas within vineyards produce better grapes than others. Wines made from the same kind of grapes, grown in the same region, using identical farming procedures, harvested at the same time and made into wine in exactly the same way, can be dramatically different. Some wines may be dryer or more astringent than others, and the color intensity and aromas may vary. Soils play a significant role in such "terroir."

Due to natural geological processes, soil properties can vary laterally over distances as small as few meters. Recognition of these small-scale variations within a vineyard or portion of a vineyard can lead to wines that better reflect the "terroir".


Precision Viticulture is an indispensable tool to work the soil according to it’s true potential. Renacer uses digital maps obtained by Electromagnetic Conductivity Measures (ECM). The system registers more than a 1.000 lectures by hectare which are precisely stored by computer together with GPS to obtain their exact position. The result is a detailed map of the soil for precise vineyard optimization.

This map allow us to divide the vineyard´s blocks into homogeneous areas that are treated similarly in terms of watering and harvest time.

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