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Bodega Renacer present at the Argentine Sommeliers Association Fair.

At the booth of the latest edition of the Argentine Sommeliers Association Fair 2023, Fernando Sota, Winemaking Manager, Luis Coita Civit, Agronomist, and María Marta Guisasola, Marketing Manager, represented the winery.

This event brought together 80 wineries and attracted a total of 600 attendees, including sommeliers and wine communicators, aiming to stay updated on each winery's offerings. Renacer wines presented included Renacer Malbec 2020, Milamore 2021, Punto Final Reserva Corte de Tintas 2020, and Punto Final Reserva Cabernet Franc 2021.

Bodega Renacer's participation went beyond the wine fair, as Fernando and Luis conducted one of the two master classes featured. The Renacer team lectured on vine pruning and its profound influence on wine characteristics, reflecting the meticulous practices implemented in the winery.

Renacer's active and educational involvement in the Argentine Sommeliers Association Fair 2023 once again demonstrated their commitment to excellence in winemaking and their desire to share knowledge with the wine community.


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