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Descorchados Guide.

The Descorchados Guide visited Mendoza, and the Renacer team met with its author, Patricio Tapia, to present the new harvests and releases.

The winemaking team of the winery, led by Fernando Sota, Manager of Winemaking and Agronomy, and Gustavo Egea, second winemaker of Renacer, attended the in-person meeting with Patricio Tapia to present the wines for his 2024 report.

The meeting, held in an atmosphere of camaraderie, provided an exceptional opportunity for an exchange of knowledge and experiences among these distinguished professionals of the sector.

A total of seven wines were presented. Starting with the flagship line, Renacer Malbec and Cabernet Franc 2020, followed by Milamore 2021, Punto Final Reserva Cabernet Franc and Malbec 2021, Renacer Bequignol Rosé 2023, the successor to the previous year's Merlot Rosé, which turned out to be a revelation, and the new addition that will be hitting the market this year, a premium line, Renacer Dark Matter 2019.

Awaiting the publication of the results in the coming weeks, Fernando noted that it was a great day where comments about the wines were exchanged and that it was fruitful to convey the identity of each wine.


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