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Punto Final Organic awarded in a specialized contest.

The organic varietals; Punto Final Organic Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon, both from the 2022 vintage, obtained a Gold medal and 90 points in the German contest "Organic Wine Award" of Wine System, which focuses on organic wines.

Both wines are made from organic grapes from our Perdriel estate, which two years ago certified its vineyards as organic but has been working with these techniques for several seasons.

The elaboration of these wines is without contact with elements of chemical synthesis, using natural yeasts from the grape skins. After fermentation, these wines rest in stainless steel tanks for 8 months until they are bottled and reach the market.

These achievements reflect Bodega Renacer's constant effort to offer exceptional and sustainable wines. The winery has implemented organic practices in its vineyards and prioritized the care of the soil, biodiversity and ecological balance. These practices are reflected in the quality and distinctive character of the wines.

The Organic Wine Award International has been held every year since 2007 and this year brought together 30 tasters from different parts of Europe who tasted a total of 600 wines from 19 countries.


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