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Renacer Painted Edition Vol VII is dyed green.

On November 21st, a new edition of Renacer Painted Edition was developed, where wine, art

and sustainability, three key pillars of the winery, were merged.

The seventh edition of Renacer Painted Edition was inspired by the green revolution that is

being experienced this 2020, where sustainability and the concept of reuse have taken strength

and prominence in society.

This year, besides being painted by Mendoza artists, the barrels will have a second use,

becoming small urban gardens that customers, consumers and employees of the winery will

incorporate to their homes.

The artists who participated in the barrels were: Jermindo, graphic designer and muralist; Juan

Pablo Martínez Spezza, specialist in design and illustrations for packaging, and Martina

Bruccoleri, graphic designer and illustrator.

The oak barrels are made in a traditional way and are used in the production of wine to give it

characteristics such as structure, tannins and aromas. Year after year these barrels are losing

their properties and after several harvests they are taken out of circulation.


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