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Renacer Winery at the Master Wine Experience

Representatives from the winery, Ignacio Díaz and Fernando Sota, were present at the grand event organized by the distributor Redigram, who sells all of our wines in Rosario and the interior of Santa Fe.

During this exclusive occasion, wine lovers, sommeliers, and wine shop owners had the opportunity to chat, listen, and taste the wines from the winery, guided by our winemaking and commercial team.

The activities included a successful business round, a dinner with winemakers, and workshops from different wineries, where participants could uncover the secrets behind world-class wines. Renacer took part in the Cabernet workshop, showcasing its leadership in the production and crafting of this varietal.

The culmination of the event came with a fair where Bodega Renacer presented its most emblematic wines. Attendees had the chance to taste and appreciate the different options from the winery.

Redigram's Master Wine Experience in Rosario reaffirmed Bodega Renacer's position as a reference in the wine industry.


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