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One more edition of Renacer Painted Edition in the gardens of the winery.

This Saturday, the ninth edition of the usual festival that fuses art and wine took place at Bodega Renacer at the facilities of Bodega Renacer.

Every year, local artists are invited to intervene the disused barrels and to according to the selected theme. In this edition the slogan was: "The art of drinking wine".

These barrels are destined to be part of the scenography of the wine shops and points of sale of the winery's customers. points of sale of the winery's customers both in Argentina and in different countries of the world where Renacer is present. countries where Renacer is present.

In this edition the protagonists were 5 artists from Mendoza: Jermindo, Juan Pablo Martínez and Martina Bruccoleri, who had already participated in previous editions, and Karina Vidaurre and Patricia Grimalt, who were present for the first time.

The gastronomic proposal by Renacer's chef, Celmira Escudero, was paired with the winery's recently launched novelties; Punto Final Sauvignon Blanc 2022, the new vintage of the winery, and the new vintage of the winery.

Blanc 2022, the new vintage of Milamore, Renacer Merlot Rosé 2022, Punto Final Reserva Corte de Tintas 2021 and Corte de Blancas 2022 and the recently bottled Punto Final Naranjo 2022. The band Cooperativa Bajo Club, a quartet of electric basses that performs Jazz and Tango, accompanied this event. Jazz and Tango, accompanied this evening.

The event was attended by customers from Mendoza and Misiones from wine shops and restaurants. Also guests of the press and the reception was in charge of Fernando Sota, Winemaking Manager, and María Marta Guisasola, Marketing Manager.


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