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We open the Foro Vitivinícola de Bodegas de Argentina 2022.

In December, Bodega Renacer hosted the opening cocktail of the wine forum of the organization that brings together wineries from all over the country.

The reception of the guests was in charge of Patricio Reich, CEO of Bodega Renacer and Patricia Ortiz, director of this organization. Both offered words of welcome on the terrace of Renacer accompanied by a glass of sparkling wine and other delicacies prepared by the chef of our restaurant, Celmira Escudero.

Renacer was attended by representatives of large, medium and small wineries from all over the country that are members of the organization, as well as some provincial and national political officials.

In addition, a set menu was served with different alternatives accompanied by Punto Final Sauvignon Blanc, Punto Final Organic Reserve Cabernet Franc, Renacer Merlot Rosé, Renacer Malbec and Meilamore. To close, Patricio Reich expressed his pride that Bodega Renacer had been selected by the organizers to welcome all the members and a bottle of First Wine of the Year 2022 by Renacer was given as a gift.

The following day, the concentration of the Forum was held at the Angel Bustelo Auditorium and topics of utmost importance in the industry were discussed, such as sustainability, wine tourism, marketing and human capital.


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