Renacer launches new tourism programs


This fun group activity in which wines are created includes a preview tour to learn about the vineyard, the history of the winery, and the details of production. This information serves as a guide for the activity.

The palate is prepared with 1 white wine of good acidity and then the red wines without label that will be used to make the final blend. The group is divided into teams to make the cut, the design of the label and name, and the commercial history. Each team will present its wine and a winner will be chosen at the end.


This activity allows you to learn the secrets of the traditional dishes that identify our region, their characteristics, their taste and cooking methods.

In charge of the chef Sebastian Weigandt we will share these recipes: Tomatican, Humita, Sopaipillas, Breads, Grilled Meat and Vegetables in the embers.

Once the class is over, there will be a tour of the winery and the vineyard. Then, the menu made in the cooking class will be eaten at the Renacer restaurant.


We want to show you how to combine our products, with different alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, fruits and herbs that allow us to generate excellent cocktails with the base of our wines.

Our Bartender: Rodrigo Tejada introduces us to the world of cocktails, in a didactic way, explaining the tools, techniques and personal combinations for each of his creations.

He makes cocktails based on wines with fruits and regional herbs, accompanied by different tonics. Individual practices and spontaneous creations

Renacer obtains certification by the Vegan Society
92 Decanter points for Punto Final Reserva Cabernet Franc.