Renacer obtains certification by the Vegan Society

The products that have Vegan Certification are: Final Malbec point; Final Cabernet Sauvignon point; Final Classic Malbec Rosé point; Final Malbec Reserva point and Final Cabernet Franc Reserva point.

Although the concept of veganism is mainly associated with food, since vegans do not eat any food of animal origin, or derivatives, it also refers to social and consume habits, with a special sensitivity to environmental sustainability.

This trend led Bodega Renacer to become interested in working with processes that would allow it to obtain certification of wines suitable for vegans.

“The difference between a vegan wine and a traditional wine lies in the clarification of the wine, a process to which the wine is subjected to clean it and eliminate any impurities that may cloud it in the step prior to bottling,” explains Lucas Amoretti, Bodega Renacer’s winemaker.

“Clarification is generally done with egg albumin, casein (a protein that comes from milk), gelatin (which comes from animal cartilage), or so-called ichthyocolla (which is obtained from fish tails). Vegans cannot consume any of these components, which come from animals, so they cannot consume these types of wine either.

The alternative to this is to clarify using Bentonite, which is of mineral origin (for whites and rosés), so that the wines remain stable over time and then tangential filtration is carried out. For reds, clarification is carried out over time using natural decanting and then tangential filtration. It is worth pointing out that the results are exactly the same; the consumer should not notice any organoleptic differences,” he says.

The objective of the certification is to continue innovating and to be in line with what our clients need, who are very restless and diversified consumers. As far as the packaging is concerned, the logo of VEGAN SOCIETY will be present on the back label. VEGAN SOCIETY is the company that guarantees the commitment in the processes assumed by the winery to have such certification.

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