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Renacer has a long-term commitment to the environment and sustainable production.



The starting point of our commitment to environmental care was in 2004 along with the construction of the winery, implementing an odour control system. 


In 2010 we were the first winery to certify the carbon footprint of the wine delivery process to the warehouses of our distributors and customers around the world. Following this milestone we implemented recycling practices and incorporated environmentally friendly inputs.


In 2019 we certified our entire portfolio as vegan through The Vegan Society, considered the oldest vegan association in the world.


In 2020 we installed solar panels to generate 100% of the energy consumed in our barrel room and bottling line.



In 2018, we began the process of converting all our vineyards to organic. 

In order to obtain the certification, we had to guarantee the management of the soils, preserving their fertility and biodiversity, controlling certain weeds mechanically and without using chemical synthesis products. 


In 2021 we received the certification in both the vineyard and the winery, being able to produce organic wines. 

Our portfolio of organic wines is composed by Punto Final organic Malbec Rosé, Punto Final organic Malbec, Punto Final organic

Cabernet Sauvignon and soon Punto Final Reserva Cabernet Franc organic.

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