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The typical Argentinean cuisine restaurant is led by Celmira Escudero, the chef who chooses fresh and seasonal products to delight locals and tourists.

Bodega Renacer's restaurant offers you an integrating experience. From the moment you arrive, your senses are filled with life. Sitting down to eat in the lounge or in the open-air gallery is a real pleasure.

The natural landscaping, the lagoon with fish and ducks and the cellar, a tower covered in Tuscan-inspired stones, is a pampering of the soul that is combined with the excellent gastronomic proposals and the white, rosé and red wines.

Celmira Escudero is the chef in charge of the kitchen and her proposal is typical Argentinean, with fresh and seasonal ingredients. She herself is the one who goes around the fair to choose fruits and vegetables, she visits producers to choose the meats according to her taste and she makes the ceramic tableware of the restaurant with her own hands.

"The proposal is to offer visitors a 360º experience of haute cuisine dishes paired with our labels, plus an incredible mountain view and excellent service". This spring there is a diversity of colours, techniques, cuts and presentations. As well as ingredients, those we don't usually have in our cupboards.

Before starting with the office, Celmira tells us that she loves to play with what she feels like eating: "I'm a big fan of opening the fridge and seeing what I can make. I am characterised by freshness and spontaneity. And my weakness is patisserie, I'm passionate about it".

What can't you be without?

A bit of salt, sugar, eggs, because with that you already have the base to put something together. Lemon and ginger are also indispensable in my kitchen. I love to combine sweet and savoury to enhance flavours, the contrast is very good.

He combines textures and creates interesting accompaniments such as "a mazamorra in which I use white corn and roasted black sugar". When it comes to making stuffed pasta, she plays with dyeing the dough with saffron, for example, and complements it with a bechamel sauce of mushrooms and chardonnay, because they use the wines from the winery to make baking bases, dough and sweet preparations.

The chef's plating is a work of art, she arranges each element and delicately adds herbs, flowers and some unique decorative touches, such as small jars with sauces so that diners can interact with the food and intervene as they wish.

Bodega Renacer and its range of gastronomic proposals

The restaurant offers a wide range of gastronomic options, so that each visitor can find the experience he/she wants to enjoy, with the flavours he/she wants and in the time he/she has. There are more and less steps, picnics in the garden, light proposals and even events by the fire.

"We want each of the experiences to be different, that's why the dishes and wines change", emphasises Celmira Escudero, the chef who has been with the restaurant since its beginnings and today manages her own team.

It is worth noting that there are celiac and vegan options, "it is a challenge to cook these ingredients and I love them because they awaken my creativity".

Every day you can have lunch with the 2 & 3 step menu which starts with pumpkin bread, crispy prawns, seeds, greens, flowers and lemon milk. This is followed by vegetable cannelloni, lamb kebab or chorizo steak with creamy corn. And for dessert, a delicious lemon parfait with almond streusel and burnt meringue. Includes wine, welcome snack, coffee and petit four.

There is also the 5-step menu which would be a 100% reflection of the chef, her techniques and flavour choices. It is accompanied by a full tasting of the entire portfolio of labels. First up is a seed biscuit with cream of peas, broad beans and greens from the garden; then a pancake from Mendoza with artisan cured sirloin steak, pickles and lemon emulsion, and a braised osso buco with creamy wheat.

Fourth, a chorizo steak with lemon and herb oil, pumpkin cream, honey and mushrooms. And to close, a vanilla sponge cake with orange cream, red fruit jam and quinoto.

The proposals continue. If you go from Monday to Friday you can enjoy a light menu in the gallery, deck or terrace overlooking the garden. There is a selection of cheeses and cold meats to share or a duo of signature empanadas and a sweet proposal.

Picnics in the gardens are the ideal plan for spring evenings on Saturdays and Sundays. Inside a basket there are different ideas to eat comfortably by hand and on a blanket to spread out on the grass. And the fire alley is an ideal place for a group celebration experience where a whole menu is prepared over an open fire.

Bodega Renacer Restaurant. Attention: from Monday to Monday, from 12.30. Address: Brandsen 1863, Luján de Cuyo. Reservations: 261-316-6555. Instagram: @bodegarenacer Pet Friendly. Chosen as the best restaurant in Luján on Tripadvisor.

Media: Inn Mendoza

Note: Romina Scatolon


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