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Bodega Renacer obtained this June organic certification for its vineyards and winery, and will release four wines in this category in the coming months.

As part of its long-term commitment to the environment and sustainable production, the winery began in 2018 the process of turning all of its own vineyards into organic vineyards, ending this year, when the winery was also certified, allowing the production of organic wines from the 2021 harvest.

"The certification process consisted in a series of inspections carried out by LETIS to ensure that the standards required by organisations such as SENASA, NOP and COR were met. Only 3% of the hectares of vineyards in the country are organic," says Fernando Sota, the winery's Enology and Viticulture manager.

To obtain this certification, organic soil management must be guaranteed, improving its fertility and biodiversity, mechanical and/or manual treatment of weeds, no use of chemical synthesis products to manage diseases or pests, traceability and separate handling of organic grapes in the winery, the use of organic inputs in the production of these wines, such as yeasts, reasonable use of sulphites and the use of labels, capsules free of heavy metals and ecological corks. An organic wine is one that is made from organic grapes in an organic way.

Both in Argentina and in other countries, especially in Europe and North America, the consumption of this category of wines has increased, led by young people who nowadays value and prioritise this type of options. From August the winery will offer the organic version of Punto Final Malbec Rosé 2021, which will be followed by Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and even Punto Final Reserva Cabernet Franc.

Patricio Reich, CEO of Renacer concludes "more than a philosophical precept, it is a working style that seeks to respect the environment, its sustainability and the rational use of natural resources, guaranteeing the quality of the wines. Approaching agronomy and enology in an organic way is a commitment over time".


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