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Excellent scores for the Cabernets Franc Reserva Punto Final in the vinómanos report.

The renowned journalists, members of different media worldwide, Alejandro Iglesias and Joaquín Hidalgo, revealed the results of the Vinómanos Cabernet Franc 2023 report, where the Cabernet Franc from the Punto Final line, conventional and organic, stood out.

From the Punto Final Reserva line, the Cabernet Franc from the 2020 vintage scored 92.5 points. They commented that it is a garnet-colored red wine reminiscent of black fruit, with hints of blueberry, balsamic and herbal notes, menthol, black olives and a hint of malbony. It is also in the top 20 of the best wines under $4000.

Punto Final Organic Reserva Cabernet Franc received 91 points and scored deep ruby red color with violet hues, aromatically expressive with primary nuances that display red black fruits, bell pepper, spices and aromatic herbs. And it entered the top 22 category of the best organic wines in the country.

Vinómanos is one of the most influential wine and food media in the Spanish-speaking markets. It has distinguished journalists and sommeliers who actively participate.

Having excellent ratings for these Cabernets reflects the great experience we have as a winery specializing in this grape variety. It is gratifying to obtain good scores to be able to continue growing and wanting to go for more.


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