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First year of organic certification and we are going for more...

We celebrated our first year since we were officially certified as organic and we talked with the winemaking team led by Fernando Sota to obtain the first conclusions about this process.

We continue working mechanically to reduce the presence of weeds in the vineyard. Three people are reducing 75% of the weeds on a daily basis to ensure the correct maintenance of all the hectares of the estate. This is a real challenge since we have not applied chemical synthesis products for more than 4 years. We also managed to improve the use of water, improving the irrigation system and optimizing the water supply to the plants by 30%.

The production of our vineyards increased and we broke the myth that with organic production, yields decrease, in fact our first harvest after certification yielded 10% more than other years.

They also told us that they are planning to expand the entry of organic grapes, since two of the winery's associated producers, located in Luján de Cuyo and in the Uco Valley, started the organic certification process.

From the commercial point of view, more than 50,000 bottles of the Punto Final Orgánico line have already been shipped to the local market, Canada, Mexico, the United States, England and Finland. Continuing with the opening of markets, Walter García, Export Manager, in charge of Latin America and Asia, told us that we recently incorporated our organic wines in Paraguay and China.

The organic portfolio was launched in June 2021 and consisted of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec Rosé, and in May 2022 the Cabernet Franc Reserva was added to complete this line. María Marta Guisasola, Marketing Manager, commented that the organic wines were excellently positioned in the markets they reached and that international recognition accompanied the launch, given that the Malbec 2021 received 90 points from Descorchados and 94 points from Wine System, a competition focused on organic wines, and the Cabernet Sauvignon 2021 received 90 points from James Suckling.


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