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Good Manufacturing Practice certificates, the first of many for Renacer.

After numerous audits over 3 years, we obtained Good Manufacturing Practices certification.

ECOCERT, an international organic certification organisation, came to the winery to approve the GMP. GMP consists of a series of procedures and guidelines that must be followed in the safe production of foodstuffs, from raw material intake to product dispatch.

In order to achieve this certification, we documented and recorded every production process in the warehouse. We also trained the entire team involved in the production process in aspects of hygiene and food handling, established cleaning protocols, and adapted the infrastructure to carry this out.

In the first audit, which consisted of two parts, one documentary and the other of the building conditions, the practices of each of the sectors involved were verified. Then, the winery issued a certificate of GMP implementation and started with annual audits that ended this June.

In the wine industry, it is not mandatory to certify GMPs in order to market in Argentina, although there are certain foreign market countries that do require it. Sabrina Ianizzotto, responsible for the Quality area of the winery commented: "At Renacer, we believe that the quality and safety of our consumers is a priority, GMPs have been the starting point and we are already working on the next HACCP standard, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points".


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