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Harvest 2023 we are counting down...

Another year in which we are already facing a new harvest, we sat down to talk with the winemaking and agronomy team to learn more about the progress of the 2023 vintage.

Fernando Sota, Winemaking Manager, tells us that he plans to start with the arrival of grapes to the winery from the second week of February with the harvest of Malbec for our rosés, and Bonarda for the raisins, a fundamental variety for our Milamoe.

In addition, this harvest is expected to be intermittent in terms of days and time since there have been some climatic events that have affected the development of the vegetative cycle. But compared to last year we expect to have a very similar yield in terms of quantities and varieties.

In our estate we estimate the harvest to be in excellent health despite weeks of rain, but we have been taking intensive care to maintain it. We believe that in the following weeks we will have spaced and moderate rains to achieve the expected quality.

When Fernando was asked about the variety that brings us expectations, both Fernando and Luis Coita, our agronomist advisor, were in favor of Malbec from different micro-regions, both Luján de Cuyo and Uco Valley.

Gustavo Egea, Renacer's second winemaker, also commented that the winery has already been put in order to wait for the first grapes to arrive, some pools have been maintained and tanks and barrels have been tidied up. Finally, he told us that we plan to produce around 1.5 million kilos of grapes for all our wines.


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