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The weather events of the 2021 season directly affected overall vineyard performance in all regions of Mendoza.

The winter was dry, allowing for good plant preparation for spring, with adequate water availability for irrigation. During October there were significant frosts in the province which affected flowering. Gustavo Quattrocchi, Agronomist Engineer at Renacer comments: "This mainly affected Cabernets, whose yields were 11% below expectations, while Malbecs were generally what was expected".

In terms of rainfall, 2021 started dry and cool, and towards the end of January and early February it started to rain. In terms of rainfall, 2021 started dry and cool, and towards the end of January and early February it began to rain frequently, with these weeks being the weeks of heaviest rainfall, resulting in a considerable accumulation of water. This abundance of rainfall from the beginning led growers to closely monitor the evolution of moisture-related diseases that could have further complicated yields and final quality. Thanks to the constant monitoring and application of preventive measures by the own team and partner growers, no negative impact was recorded.


The phenological cycle was correct, with a relatively early bud break compared to the previous year. Shoot growth was accelerated, thanks to the moderate spring temperatures. The veraison and harvest period was quite similar in length to other years, and this was the moment that defined the early harvest date. This favoured the arrival of grapes to the winery in good health and quality conditions.

"The quality of the grapes of this harvest was exceptional, the central zone, Luján de Cuyo, brought us freshness and the Uco Valley, with long ripening, which provided great colour and aromas with which we will achieve good wines with great acidity" commented Luis Coita, Agronomist and consultant.


It was essential to be able to respond in time to get the grapes in at the right degree of maturity and avoid obtaining high alcohols. Unlike other cycles, the harvest times in Valle de Uco and Perdriel, where our estate is located, were simultaneous.

Olivier Coquet, winemaker of the winery, tells us that "the varietal that brings him more expectations is Malbec, as he assures that this will be a different year to study and work other nuances of this variety and we will be able to obtain elegant wines, with good concentration and that will develop an excellent colour with marked aromatic intensities".

Fernando Sota, our Winemaking Manager, tells us about the new projects for 2021: "We are working on an orange wine, which is in the process of testing, a high-end Sangiovese rosé, organic wines, a possible white Milamore in which the sultana effect of the Riesling variety has been very picturesque and we are developing different Malbecs and Cabernets of high altitude with different techniques".


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