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March was full of guests at Renacer.

This March has been intense at the winery, since in addition to the harvest, week after week we have received customers from the most relevant markets.

Starting with the first week of the month with the visit of Weinbauer, our importer in the United States. It was the first time in Mendoza and in Argentina, they visited the winery and all its facilities, the farms of associated producers in Valle de Uco and had the opportunity to attend the national harvest festival.

In the second week, part of the Shopping China sales team arrived from Paraguay. Our visitors had won a Renacer bimonthly wine sales contest competing among branches from all over the country. They represented the Salto del Guará branch. They had the opportunity to visit the winery and other points in Mendoza and Buenos Aires together with representatives of the winery.

We were also visited by one of the winery's main customers, who was on vacation in Mendoza and took the opportunity to visit the vineyards and meet some of the winery's staff.

Finally, we will receive representatives of key wine stores for Renacer in the province of Misiones. They will visit the winery for 4 days.

The representative of the winery in Colombia, who resumed his visits to the country after the pandemic to visit the wineries he distributes in the country, also visited the winery.

From the interior of the country we also received Alfredo, owner of Consultora Umami, the winery's distributor in the province of Buenos Aires. With him we reviewed the sales and marketing plan for the whole year. And we are constantly receiving gastronomy clients in Mendoza to visit the winery's facilities and see all the work behind our wines.

The visits of customers from different places is very positive for them to get to know the origin of our wines and the essence of the team to be able to transmit it in the best way when it.


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