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New gastronomic experience at Renacer.

Our gastronomic offer is renewed with every season of the year, and this spring the kitchen team too.

As main novelties, the winery's restaurant opens from this week from Monday to Monday, and in the usual menu of two and three steps we add different seasonal options to choose from, such as prawns, lamb, homemade pastas, the classic steak eye and cheese and sweets tasting. In addition, a light menu will be added for those taking the sightseeing and tasting tour from Monday to Friday. The 5-step menu will now be available every day and picnics will continue to be offered on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at sunset.

Celmira Escudero, who has been part of the restaurant's culinary team since its opening in 2017, will lead the bodega's kitchen from October. Her aim is to offer a memorable experience intertwining food and wine in a natural setting. Based on fresh and seasonal ingredients, she creates an honest, approachable cuisine with a vocation for sustainability, which, together with haute cuisine dishes, generates unique flavours.

Celmira grew up in a family close to art and gastronomy, her relationship with cooking began through a book by Doña Petrona, who encouraged her to become a professional in the culinary world. Her first jobs were related to pastry and before joining Renacer, she worked at Club Tapiz.


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