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Another vintage in which we chose to make a high-end Rosé wine.

Our French winemaker, Olivier Coquet, who leads the "Rosé Series by Renacer" project, after evaluating the different grapes that entered the 2021 vintage, decided to create a Sangiovese in this style.

The initiative to make limited edition rosé wines started in 2019 with a Pinot Noir from Gualtallary, and continued over time with a Cabernet Franc 2020 from Vista Flores. Olivier, because of his French origin, has a great track record in making Provence-style rosé wines, so he always adds his stamp and experience.

Renacer Sangiovese Rosé comes from the town of Medrano, in the department of Junín in the east of the province of Mendoza. A historic area of Mendoza's viticulture that is crossed by the Mendoza and Tunuyán rivers, 750 metres above sea level, where the maximum expression of this variety is achieved.

Oli tells us about the winemaking process: "It is a rosé wine that combines delicacy and sophistication. It is harvested by hand and very early in the morning so that the freshness of the fruit translates into the wine". The method of elaboration is pressing, the whole bunch enters the press, so that the grape juice can be extracted quickly, with less colour and oxidation. Two juices are obtained, the flower juice, which is less coloured to the eye, and the press juice, which is more concentrated in aroma, colour and sugar. After a month of fermentation in separate tanks, they are put together to rest for a few months on fine lees".

Renacer Sangiovese Rosé 2020 is a wine with a faint and luminous pearl-like pink colour, evoking white fruits and flowers on the nose. On the palate it shows a fresh mouthfeel with lively acidity and subtle sweetness.

This limited edition is of 5200 bottles and its suggested retail price is $2190. It is available in the main wine shops of the country and Enogarage branches in Buenos Aires.


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