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Online customer training

Before closing this 2022 we met, virtually, with the main customers and Sommeliers of Rosario and Mendoza to provide training on our wines Punto Final Reserva Malbec, Cabernet Franc and Milamore.

Fernando Sota, Winemaking Manager of the winery, led the training and received the guests in his virtual lobby to chat, taste and exchange opinions about these three wines that make up the heart of our portfolio.

The first was the Malbec, in which Fernando remarked the origin of the grapes and what each micro-region contributes to this wine. Then some of the spectators shared their perceptions and tasting notes. Continuing with the Cabernet Franc

For the final Milamore, the favorite wine of the consumers, where its history, the particular method of elaboration, the appassimento, and the evolution of this wine throughout the years of the winery were described in detail.

Fernando Depetris, our distributor in Rosario, commented on this experience: "it seemed very positive to generate a space where you can talk freely about the wines of the winery and the people who communicate and market them".


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