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Pesentes at Portfolio Tasting by Weinbauer 2023 event

Once again, Weinbauer, our importer and distributor in many states of the United States, held its portfolio tasting at its headquarters in Chicago.

Luis Suriani, Export Manager for this market was present last Friday, May 12, at Renacer's stand presenting the wines and explaining what makes them unique in their different categories, as well as Renacer's new proposals.

Weinbauer has Renacer as the only Argentine winery, so at this fair it was a great attraction for its distributors, customers and wine referents who attended.

All the wines of Renacer's portfolio, the Punto Final Varietal, Reserva, and Organic lines, specialties and icons, were presented. The new releases for this market, Punto Final Naranjo and Sauvignon Blanc, were also presented.

After the event, Weinbauer's staff organized an after-party in a space near the venue to relax and socialize with the different representatives of the wineries attending the event and with the company's staff.

Luis commented that there was a large attendance of buyers and distributors interested in incorporating Renacer wines.


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