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Renacer and malbecs

Malbec is the red variety that has best adapted over time to the Argentine soil and climate. It is in Mendoza and Luján de Cuyo that the ideal terroir for this crop is found and that is why, together with the expertise of our team, we consider ourselves specialists in this variety.

Let's talk a little more about the Malbec plant; from the plant: over time, since it was installed in Argentina, plant selections have been made to adapt to different climatic conditions. In the Renacer estate, we have plants that date back to 1930 and these have good yields and characteristics that contribute to each of our wines, and also quarters that were planted in the last decade and thanks to this we obtain wines with great diversity.

From the grape; this varietal "has a small cluster and in the skin of the grapes are the aromatic components and tannins. That is why we look for a limited development of the fruit so as not to have so much pulp and so that the compounds are not diluted. The berry is a very dark violet color, almost black, and the color compounds increase with the altitude in the vineyards, that is why the Argentine Malbec, if there is something that is not lacking, it is color", explains Fernanda Aluatti, Agronomist Engineer of Renacer.

From the wine; Malbecs stand out for their floral and fruity aromas, cherries, plums, coffee, chocolate, leather, truffle, vanilla, raisins, among others. When this wine is aged in oak barrels, vanilla appears. Unmistakable colors such as intense ruby with violet or bluish hues. Although during the first two years of the wine, these colors are defined by cherry red or cherry red, later burgundy shades can be recognized. The tannins are warm, soft and sweet tannins and on the palate it is possible to distinguish flavors of jam, plum, sweet cherry, chocolate, dried fruits, vanilla and balsamic. As the wine ages in bottle, tobacco, pepper, cinnamon and leather appear.

From the pairing; Malbec is a perfect match with red meat, but it is not the only possibility to pair it with cheeses, pasta with red sauces and chocolate desserts. And to serve it, it is ideal at a temperature of about 16 degrees when they are young and about 18 for when it is a bottle of guard.

From the consumer; Mendoza, is recognized in the world for its high quality Malbec for everyone's consumption.

Renacer and Malbecs:

In our portfolio of Malbecs we find Punto Final Malbec, a wine made with grapes from the Uco Valley and Perdriel, an easy to drink, fresh, juicy and clean wine. And it recently received a 91 from James Suckling. Its organic version is also available from the 2021 vintage.

Punto Final Malbec Rosé, with 100% grapes from our estate, fruity and fresh, is an organically made rosé and certified vegan. In the organic portfolio we find it as Punto Final Organic Malbec Rosé.

In the Punto Final Reserva line, the Malbec that Descorchados awarded 90 to the 2019 vintage, is made with grapes from Luján de Cuyo and Valle de Uco, and is an elegant and concentrated wine.

Renacer Malbec, the one with the orange R on the label, as described by Luis Gutiérrez, who scored the 2017 vintage with 90 points is a high-end Malbec with grapes from the Uco Valley such as Vista Flores and Gualtallary. And to which Suckling also just gave 92 for the 2019 vintage. It is a complex wine, due to its 24 months in first-use French oak barrels, and has been made every year since 2003.

To conclude, Fernando Sota, our Winemaking Manager, tells us that "The variety he likes to elaborate the most is Malbec, and the expectations of what it will bring every year".


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