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With a luxury host and great friends of the winery, the first season of Renacer podcasts was launched.

Podcasts are a communication format of proven effectiveness in countries like the United States, and on the rise in Argentina and the rest of Latin America. The content of these podcasts comes in the form of audios in which "chats" are given between two or more people.

Matt Berrondo, renowned sommelier, maker and communicator of the world of wine, received the guests at the studios of Radio Rivadavia for the recording of the 4 episodes of the year 2021, two in Spanish and two in English.

The first episode was hosted by Joe Fernandez, a social network referent who calls himself an oenophile and fan of Renacer, as well as being a radio host and astrologer. Between Joe and Matt they unleashed a fun chat in which they discussed the hilarious relationships between horoscope signs and wine varietals.

The second episode is with the renowned Santiago Achával with whom we chat about his professional career and his long-standing relationship with Perdriel, in the first wine region, where his current winery Matervini, his first project Achával-Ferrer and also Bodega Renacer are located.

The third and fourth episodes were recorded in English. Olivier Coquet, French winemaker and member of the Renacer team, and Pablo Laborde, winemaker from Mendoza who makes wines in France, were part of the third episode, participating in a question and answer ping pong about rosé wines.

Finally, Mariana Onofri, sommelier, winemaker and wine expert, was the protagonist of the fourth episode talking about non-traditional varieties and her love for the world of wine.

María Marta Guisasola, Marketing Manager of Renacer tells us about this initiative; "The aim of this podcast was to connect from the spirit of the brand, the joy and closeness of sharing a good wine, we approach topics of general interest through guests from different fields and wineries".


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