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Renacer presents two new proposals for wine lovers.

The winery introduces two new products to continue surprising our consumers and visitors.

The first one is the "First wine of the year", that's right, the first wine that was made this vintage, and the first one that was bottled and that's why it receives this name. It is a Syrah from 2022 with a carbonic maceration method of elaboration and of which only 1020 bottles were made.

Fernando Sota, Winemaking Manager, tells us about the winemaking process; this method makes the grapes ferment with the must of the grape berry. This means that the wines obtained have fruitier flavours and less tannin content. These wines are ideal for drinking young.

The idea is to generate a different experience when consuming a wine that is only available at the winery, accompanied by information, and to turn the simple consumption of a glass of wine into an unforgettable experience.

This wine is available at the winery's wine shop and its price is $1600.

And the other novelty is the development of a new edition of the vertical tasting box, a tour of Punto Final reserve Malbecs from four different vintages.

This wooden box contains 4 bottles, one from each of the Punto Final Reserva Malbec 2004, 2005, 2012 and 2016 vintages, a foil corkscrew and a brochure signed by Fernando Sota, with the characteristics of each year and tasting tips. These bottles were carefully selected by our winemaking team and the aim of this proposal is to enjoy Renacer's Malbecs.

The year 2004 was one of the first vintages for the winery and was noted for its high temperatures and slow ripening. The following year, 2005, resulted in balanced wines with intense aromatic profiles due to low temperatures and a rainless summer.

For the 2012 vintage, a cool year, with low rainfall, but with good results. The fourth vintage of this box is 2016, a year that had four times more rainfall during the summer than the historical average as a result of the El Niño phenomenon, and gave fresh wines with low alcohol content.

This limited edition will be available in the main wine shops of the country, enogarage branches and wine shops of the winery, its price is $29,700.


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