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Renacer presents new summer options in its restaurant.

In January, the restaurant of Bodega Renacer starts with a new menu with seasonal products,

and begins to offer its picnic evenings.

The three course lunch menu created by chefs Sebastián Weigandt and Celmira Escudero

includes organic seasonal vegetables and fruit such as cabuttia, sweet potato, tomato, peaches,

apricots and local products such as carob and black garlic.

The first course pairs Punto Final Malbec Rosé with lemon-roasted gizzard, dry rye biscuit and

cabuttia cream. As a main course steak eye, black garlic syrope, grilled organic vegetables and

fresh fruit, and sweet potato cream accompanied by Punto Final Reserva Malbec. The dessert is

a carob tart, the fruit of which Argentina is one of the world’s leading producers, with fresh

seasonal fruit and apricot ice cream served with the Milamore winery’s emblematic wine.

Vegetarian, coeliac and children’s menus are available.

In addition to these lunches surrounded by vineyards and nature, picnics are available from 6 to

9 pm in the winery’s gardens overlooking the Andes Mountains. Enjoying the summer, relaxing

in the open air and enjoying the sunset are all valid reasons to choose this plan. Visitors are

welcomed with a basket with a selection of sandwiches, tartines, sweet delicacies, Punto Final

wine, water, glasses and blankets so that they can choose their favourite spot in our gardens. All

the steps in this experience take special care of the natural environment.


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