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"Renacer Restaurant recognized by the Michelin Guide."

"We celebrate our entry into the Michelin Guide! Our restaurant has been selected as "RECOMMENDED" by the Michelin Guide in its 2024 edition, the first in Argentina.

In a historic moment for Argentine gastronomy, the Michelin Guide made its debut in Argentina with evaluations in Mendoza and Buenos Aires. There was enormous anticipation surrounding the announcements, and finally, the 2024 guide has 57 recommended restaurants, 6 with one star, and 1 with two stars. In Mendoza, there were only 15 recommended restaurants, with Renacer being one of them.

Celmira Escudero, the chef of the restaurant, commented: "Our proposal is to offer visitors a 360º experience with a menu based on fresh, seasonal ingredients, reflecting an honest, approachable cuisine with a commitment to sustainability."

This recognition is particularly special, as the "Recommended" category highlights restaurants that are recognized by Michelin inspectors for offering a commendable culinary experience to all visitors.

Being among the recommended in the Michelin Guide reinforces Renacer's commitment to providing an exceptional gastronomic experience, blending Mendocine cuisine and high-end wines with warm hospitality."


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