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Renacer Special: innovation is the order of the day.

We sat down one-on-one with Fernando Sota, Renacer's Winemaking Manager, to talk about the innovative methods applied in the last vintage, from the harvest to the final wine.

Starting with the harvest of the grapes for the Malbec Rosé 2022, which were harvested at an earlier point than usual. Why? In order to lower the alcohol of the final wine by almost two degrees and to achieve other aromas and a much fainter color.

Fernando also said that this year the estate's Malbecs were made with indigenous yeasts, to achieve more complex wines that will settle better in the mouth. We also increased the amount of oxygen in the high fermentation stage to improve the yeast profile, using micro-oxygenation.

On the other hand, in the 2021 - 2022 season, at the Renacer estate, we carried out a huge improvement to the drip irrigation system. This consisted of replacing all the hoses for hoses that optimize the use of water by means of the drop that is released minute by minute. This saves up to 30% of water, which is not the case with older irrigation systems.

In terms of methods, we can talk about the new Syrah, recently launched exclusively to be sold in the hospitality area, under the name of "First Wine of the Year". This wine was made from carbonic maceration, where the choice of grapes was a great challenge to highlight its expression of jam on the nose, fresh and acid fruit. For this process, some modifications were made to the tanks in order to unload the grapes with buckets and adapt the crushing line to receive the whole grapes. This wine was released to the market less than a month after fermentation was completed.

For the Rosé Series line; each year a micro-region is selected for the grape contribution, this year the chosen area was Gualtallary, Uco Valley and the varietal is Merlot. In September we will be launching this high-end wine to the market.

For all Reserva wines, we will be incorporating a QR code on all back labels that, by scanning it, redirects to a video showing the line of wines.


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