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Renacer welcomed the Porsche Andino Club

This 2022, after three years, 36 incredible cars with their drivers and co-drivers crossed the mountain range to visit us again and spend a full day at Renacer. Some of them already knew us from 2019 when we were part of their itinerary on a drive through Mendoza and San Luis.

The visitors arrived at the winery on Saturday morning where we welcomed them together with the winemaking, hospitality and marketing team. In addition, all participants were treated to welcome gifts such as personalised event apparel and merchandising.

Then Fernando Sota, winemaking manager, led a tour of the estate, appassimento area and barrel room, concluding in the winery's tank room with a fun activity for the visitors. This "blending game" consisted of dividing the contingent into three groups and they made a blend with two malbecs of different profiles and at the end the winemaking team chose the winner.

After the activity they had lunch at the winery's restaurant, the classic "menú de pasos" paired with our Reserva line of wines and the fantastic autumn sunshine in Mendoza.

As a gift, the visitors were given a box with wines from the winery's Alta

range of the winery and as a surprise we included a bottle of the winning blend in the pre-lunch activity.

The Porsche Club Andino is a group of owners who share a passion for this legendary car brand. It was founded in 2018 and since then they have been carrying out different activities and trips in Chile, Argentina and Peru, where they live luxury experiences with their vehicles.


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