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The 2021 harvest began at Renacer.

The 2021 harvest began for Renacer with the arrival of grapes from associated producers and the harvesting of Malbec from our vineyards.

The first grapes that will be used for the winery’s emblematic wine, Milamore, started to arrive last Friday to the winery. This is the Bonarda variety from vineyards located in San Martin, which makes up the final blend and will spend almost two weeks in the open air in the dehydration area until it loses 30% of its weight and the flavours and aromas are concentrated.

Also this Wednesday we started harvesting the first quartels of Malbec from our vineyards in Perdriel, this Malbec will be used for Punto Final Malbec Rosé. The winemaking team has decided to harvest these grapes at dawn as the temperatures are cooler, helping to keep the fruit fresh and to have a better control in the fermentation process. It also helps to keep the sugar levels stable and to reduce oxidation.

In the coming days we will continue with the harvest of associated producers and our Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.


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