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Todos juntos Punto Final concluded with the sale of 37 thousand bottles and prizes for the teams.

Vinhos do Mundo, Renacer's importer in Brazil, held a dinner on June 19th to celebrate the success of the #todosjuntospuntofinal campaign, which resulted in the sale of 37,000 bottles of wine from the winery between mid-February and late May of this year. This figure represents a record compared to previous years. The campaign involved sellers and customers, such as restaurants, delicatessens, wine shops, and beverage distributors.

Patricio Reich, founder and CEO of Renacer, hosted the award night and shared words of congratulations for each member of the Vinhos do Mundo team and customer who contributed to this achievement. He also highlighted that in 2023, the winery reached its 20th harvest and has been striving for excellence in production and innovation throughout all these years. Argentina is one of the best places in the world to produce red wines, especially when focusing on high quality and limited batches.

The "Todos Juntos Punto Final" campaign was organized by Leandro Tomaz, Sales Planning and Strategy Manager of Vinhos do Mundo, who commented, "Our objectives were to mobilize our clients' teams, motivate our own team, and also show the market that Vinhos do Mundo cares about the wine business chain. In addition to the excellent results, the campaign further strengthened the presence of the Vinhos do Mundo and Renacer brands."


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