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#TodosjuntosPuntoFinal campaign in Brazil

The importer and distributor of Bodega Renacer in Brazil, Vinhos do Mundo, launched an internal campaign focused on its sales team to achieve new sales records for Punto Final.

This campaign is a joint initiative of Renacer and Vinhos do Mundo. The innovative proposal seeks to promote for three months the active participation of employees, intermediaries and end customers; both in sales and in the communication of the wines on social networks.

Punto Final is one of the flagship wines of Bodega Renacer, being recognized for its exceptional quality and distinctive flavor. And the people's favorite, Milamore, the wine that everyone in the market loves.

Paragraph with online training by Patricio and videos of our winemaker that accompanied the team on the tour.

Days before the end of this proposal, historic sales of the wines have already been achieved, and it has generated great enthusiasm and commitment in all the participants, reinforcing the team spirit and the values of the brand.


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