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Tour in Paraguay with Distron.

During an entire week filled with learning for the entire Distron and Shopping China team in Paraguay, Fernando Sota, Manager of Winemaking, and María Marta Guisasola, Marketing Manager, carried out a series of training sessions and activities that left an excellent experience within the Paraguayan wine community.

In total, three training sessions were held, attended by more than 100 people, for Distron and Shopping China customers in the cities of Asunción, Ciudad del Este, and Pedro Juan Caballero. These activities provided a unique opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in the world of wine, the Renacer world, the processes, tasting details, pairings, and sales techniques.

The trip also included two guided tastings by Fernando Sota at La Panera Rosa, which was in its pre-opening phase and was attended by influencers and press from the industry. At the San Pietro restaurant, a special menu designed for the event was served. These hands-on experiences allowed attendees to dive into a world of aromas and flavors, guided by an expert capable of unraveling the complexities of each glass.

María Marta Guisasola commented, "Having the opportunity to convey this to those who sell and represent Renacer in Paraguay is very rewarding, as we can share the details of each wine."

Furthermore, Fernando Sota gave an interview to Paraguayan television on the "5 días" channel. This opportunity allowed a broader audience to learn about Renacer, its wines, and its philosophy.


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