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Trip to Buenos Aires

This month, the winery team visited Buenos Aires with a schedule of events and business presentations in collaboration with Umami, Renacer's distributor in Buenos Aires and Patagonia.

Tastings took place in various areas of the City of Buenos Aires, including Trattoría Olivetti, Vinoteca del Oeste, Best Wine, Mis Uvas, and Cava Galilea, concluding with training for the Umami sommelier team and sales staff.

The featured wines were Renacer Malbec and Cabernet Franc 2020, emphasizing the recently obtained high ratings. The launch of the new vintages of Punto Final Reserva Corte de Tintas 2021 and Punto Final Reserva Corte de Blancas 2022. Renacer Bequignol Rosé 2023 and Punto Final Naranjo 2023 were also introduced.

María Marta concluded that the feedback received regarding the new vintages and market specifics in the current context was very positive.


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