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We are preparing for the 2022 vintage.

We went for a walk with the Oenology and Agronomy team through the rows of our estate and our associated producers in different areas of Mendoza, and we had the opportunity to discuss some points in view of the beginning of the harvest.

When do we start and which varietals?

We schedule the start of our harvest for next Monday, February 21st; we are scheduled to start with Malbec for our rosés, Chardonnay for the Naranjo and start filling the vats with Bonarda for the emblematic Milamore.

What do you expect the vintage to be like?

We believe that the upcoming harvest will be a little longer in terms of time than last year's. We have noticed a difference in the progress of the white grape cycles, which have been brought forward with respect to the reds. This is due to the frost in November. We believe that this will also be a harvest with lower yields in kilos.

How is the harvest going?

We have excellent health in our plants even though we are experiencing weeks of high humidity and rain, we are implementing extremely detailed care to achieve it. We hope that the following weeks we will have spaced and moderate rains to achieve the expected quality.

Which variety are you most looking forward to?

This year, we are very anxious about Cabernet Sauvignon because it is a variety that in climatic years like this one, cooler and rainy, has a very interesting expression in terms of quality, but as its cycle is the longest, we will have to wait until the last days of harvest to begin to have indications.

Finally Fernando Sota, Winemaking Manager, told us that we plan to produce around 1.2 million kilos of grapes for all our wines.


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