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We keep on harvesting!

We met to have a brief chat with the entire Renacer winemaking team to hear about how the 2023 vintage is progressing from different aspects, vineyard, winery and wines.

We started by asking Luis Coita, our Agronomist Engineer, how the ripeness of the grapes that are still to enter the winery in the last few days is coming and he commented that during this harvest, due to the great heat waves, the ripeness of many varietals has advanced, so he is sure that in these weeks all our own and associated vineyards are ready to be harvested.

Fernando Sota, Winemaking Manager, added that the percentage of grapes already in the winery is over 40% and that there are still a couple of long days of work to be able to crush on time.

We are finishing with the Cabernets, those coming from Luján are already in tanks with an excellent ripeness and sugar level, those coming from Valle de Uco will be entering next week with the same conditions as those from Perdriel.

On the other hand, Gustavo Egea, the winery's second winemaker, highlights the great willingness and dedication of the entire team involved in the winemaking work in this challenging vintage.


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