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We present our fall menu

Recognized in Mendoza and around the world, top 5 in Tripadvisor restaurants and led by Celmira Escudero, our restaurant presented the new seasonal menu of two, three and five steps delighting tourists who have visited us in recent weeks.

The proposal has options of dishes in the two and three-step menu with flavors inspired by fresh seasonal ingredients that combine creativity, innovative techniques and the essence of the autumn season.

For starters there are three alternatives; green salad with seasonal vegetables, burrata and strawberry vinaigrette; sweetbreads with spicy caramel, corn cream, herb gremolata and pochoclo, and finally, carob omelet with braised pork, chickpea cream, beet, miso and pear compote.

The main course options are; white fish with cornflakes, eggplant puree, black garlic bañacauda, caramelized onions and lemon. The second option is the classic steak eye with potato and garlic cream, chips and quince chutney, and the third is stuffed pasta with chestnut cheese and broccoli, cauliflower soup and lilac charcoal.

For dessert we also offer three options. In addition to the classic cheese and sweets tasting, we propose a vanilla sponge cake with burnt dulce de leche, bitter chocolate ice cream and masala chai; and a creamy tangerine with citrus earth, lemon ice cream and sour orange syrup.

The 5-step menu is also available with meat and seasonal vegetable alternatives.

Celmira Escudero told us that she is delighted to see the positive repercussions of this new menu and that the main objective is to always offer a memorable experience when visiting the winery.


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