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Wofa Recovers

Waste management is a process of vital importance to reduce the negative impact that winery activity has on the environment. For this reason and added to the strong commitment we have at Renacer to sustainability, we are participating in the Wofa Recover program.

The program offers specialized technical advice, for the chapters of the Sustainability protocol of Bodegas de Argentina related to waste management. The process involves assistance for self-diagnosis, putting together an improvement plan, guidance for its implementation, among other aspects.

Our quality leader, Andrea Buenanueva, comments on the program: “It is a challenge to improve resource management, but it is essential to commit to the environment and for Renacer it is in our DNA.”

Our objectives within the program are to achieve an improvement in the management of waste such as cardboard, nylon, electronic waste and other hazardous waste; working on its collection and final disposal.

Nearly 20 wineries participate in this program, and a second edition will be launched with the aim of adding more participants.


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